Tips for Buying a Cheap Spa for Under 500

cheap spa


A spa provides a convenient place for relaxation and unwinding in the comfort of your sunroom or backyard. A spa contains mineral rich spring water and in some cases sea water. A spa is used to give medicinal baths which offer various health treatments commonly known as balneotherapy. Buying a cheap spa for under 500 either relaxation, family or couple can be challenging. This highly depends on the information that one has before purchase. This write-up provides some of the best tips to buying a cheap spas under 500.


Before making the decision to shop for it is important to consider the place where to set your spa in your backyard. Some of the questions that one should himself/herself regarding the location are as follows. Is the spa going to be located near to an electrical outlet? What is the maximum size that will fit? What nature of surface will suit the spa? Will there be sufficient room to walk around your spa after it is installed?

Research online

It is a wise idea to search for information online about the variety of cheap spa available for under 500. The internet provides with plenty of information which can be essential in helping you pick on the best cheap spa. After you have identified the best one for your home, it is also advisable to check the reviews provided by the customers. Also, it is also good to have a valid idea why you require a spa and by this way, you will have a good idea on what to type of spa to research.

Confirm references

Do you want to buy a cheap spa that will be durable in the long run? Then it is good to ensure that you have some references. A reliable dealer will make sure that you get in touch with the customers more so who are around your neighborhood. By doing this, you can confirm with the dealers clients about the quality of the spa as well as service provided by the merchant.

The maintenance

When you need to buy a cheap spa that will serve you for the extended duration, it is good to check on how to maintain it. It is advisable to check on how it filters water. In most instances, spas use pleated filters which trap any dirt or grease. Two pipes are provided purposely for hydrotherapy massage. In short, all spa require maintenance even after they have been installed. Maintenance of your spa is essential for your safety. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your installer provides detailed information as well as training about the chemical treatment and water balance in your spa.

Check on the type of spas

There are different types of spas available at varying installation and purchase costs. A permanent spa which is also known as “in-ground” spa requires the onsite installation of spa shell and equipment. The other type is the portable spa. These two categories are offered by different dealers at varying prices.


In summary, choosing the best and cheap spa can be a hard decision especially when lacking the essential information. However, with the above tips buying a cheap spa for under 500 has been made easier.