The Garmin Approach S6 GPS Golf Watch Review

garmin approach s6 gps golf watch

Garmin is one of the pioneers of the GPS technology. The Approach S6, the 6th generation of Garmin’s GPS watches is equipped with several useful features to help you improve your swings. For instance, it has views for over 40,000 gold courses throughout the world, hole maps, swing training features, Garmin connect and smart phone notification among others. Here’s a comprehensive Garmin S6 review to help you learn more about this golf watch:

Key Features


One of the things you’ll notice when you remove the S6 from the box is its slim design. Weighing just 1.06oz, the S6 is very light on the hands. Combine this with its flexible rubber strap, and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing this GPS watch.

It has a 1-inch round color display, and a highly-navigable high resolution touch screen that is very readable under direct sunlight. The large numbers clearly shown on the screen will tell you where you are, the distance to the front, middle and back of a green and how far your last shot was. You can navigate through this watch easily through a combination of the touch screen and buttons.

Overhead Hole Maps

This is one of the unique features of the Garmin Approach S6. With the help of the automatic zoom function, this feature works perfectly well on such a small screen. At the tee box, this watch will automatically zoom the area on the hole map to match your typical driving distance (you have to input this when setting up the watch). For example, if driving distance is 200 balls yards, it will automatically zoom in 250 yards to show you what is around your landing area.

For instance, you can also zoom in the green view to see the true layout and shape of the green, as well as any surrounding hazards. This allows you to zero in on the pin and move the pin manually to the day’s location, thereby giving more correct yardage.

And if you can’t see the pin for some reason, the pinpointer view will come in handy by pointing you in the right direction. Other views included in this GPS golf watch include hole view, course view, layup view, scoring view, map view, measurement view and time view.

Swing Metrics

The Garmin Approach S6 uses a couple of swing metrics to help you improve your swing. For instance, the SwingStrength calculates for you how hard your swings are, which allows you to train to swing more consistently. The SwingTempo calculates the upswing-downswing relationship and displays it the form of a ratio. Lastly, the TempoTraining enables you fine-tune your swing tempo and synchronize your swing mechanics.

Smart Notifications

With the Garmin S6, you don’t have to miss text messages, calls or emails just because your phone is deep inside your pocket or bag. Simply pair your phone (iPhone or ipad) to this watch through Bluetooth and it will notify you if you have calls, messages or any other alerts on your phone.

Scoring Feature

Plugging the Garmin S6 into your computer enables you to update this watch and upload your scores to the Garmin Express website. However, you can also sync your watch to the Garmin Connect app (available in Android and iOS) and upload your scores. This feature not only allows you to review the information you’ve entered (score, green hits, fairways hit, number of putts per hole for every round etc.), but also track your progress and share it with your friends.

Additional features of Garmin S6 are shot tracking, auto advance, odometer, statistics tracking, handicap scoring option, touch targeting and save location features.


When used for golfing, the Garmin S6 can take up to 10 hours on a single charge. However, when it’s used only as a regular watch, the battery can last up to 20 weeks.

The smart notifications allow you to see incoming calls and texts.

The slim and lightweight design makes it easy to walk and play around with.

The touch screen is very responsive, bright and easy to read.

By synching the watch to Garmin Connect, you get lots of statistical analysis to help you track your progress.


You can’t see your statistics or scorecard on this watch, but you’ll be able to view them on a web page or mobile app when you sync the watch to the Garmin Connect via Bluetooth.

There’s no wall charger provided, so you have to plug the USB cable into your desktop or laptop to charge it.

Overall, Garmin Approach S6 is one of the best GPS golf watches in the market right now despite the few drawbacks it has. The combination of extensive and correct course information, bright touch screen and extras like smart notifications and swing training features make the S6 a great companion for all golfers who want to improve their performance.